Case Study: CPU WARS

CPU WARS is a trump card game designed for tech enthusiasts, aiming to engage players in an epic battle of CPU specifications.

Developed for the niche market of computer geeks, the game offers a unique and casual gaming experience.

This case study delves into the creative process, challenges faced,

and the successful outcomes achieved in bringing CPU WARS from concept to reality.

The Challenge

The primary challenge encountered by the CPU WARS team was securing the necessary funds to produce the game. With a unique and niche concept around CPU specifications, they had identified their target audience but it was relatively small compared to mainstream gaming markets. Additionally, breaking through the noise of the gaming industry to capture the attention of potential buyers posed a significant hurdle.

The Solution

Kickstarter Campaign

Recognising the potential of crowdfunding platforms, the team launched a meticulously planned Kickstarter campaign. This involved creating compelling campaign assets, including engaging video content, captivating graphics, and persuasive copywriting. Leveraging the existing community of tech enthusiasts and gaming aficionados, the campaign emphasised the unique appeal of CPU WARS as a game tailored specifically for geeks.

Kickstarter Campaign Execution

The Kickstarter campaign was executed with precision and enthusiasm, leveraging social media channels, targeted advertising, and influencer partnerships to maximise visibility and engagement. Regular updates and communication with backers fostered a sense of community and excitement around the project, driving momentum throughout the campaign's duration.

Brand Image and Logo Design

The brand image for CPU WARS was carefully crafted to resonate with its target audience. The logo design incorporated elements reminiscent of classic computer circuitry while maintaining a playful and dynamic aesthetic. This striking visual identity not only captured the essence of the game but also served as a memorable representation of the brand.

Packaging Design

Packaging played a crucial role in conveying the value proposition of CPU WARS. The design of the game box was crafted to evoke anticipation and excitement, with vibrant colours and sleek graphics that hinted at the technological theme of the game. Additionally, the packaging design emphasised the product's premium quality, enhancing its appeal to potential backers.

Media Features on WIRED and Laughing Squid

Securing features on prominent tech and culture platforms like WIRED and Laughing Squid provided invaluable exposure and validation for CPU WARS. These media features not only elevated the visibility of the game but also enhanced its credibility and appeal to the target audience. The endorsement from respected publications helped to further distinguish CPU WARS within the competitive gaming landscape.

The Results

The CPU WARS Kickstarter campaign surpassed its funding goal, successfully raising the necessary funds to bring the game to production. The overwhelming support and enthusiasm from backers exceeded expectations, highlighting the strong demand for niche gaming experiences within the tech community. Following the successful campaign, CPU WARS gained traction and recognition, resulting in its inclusion in prestigious publications such as WIRED, Laughing Squid, BoingBoing,,, Gizmodo, PCWorld, Engadget, The Wall Street Journal and Trend Hunter.


The journey of bringing CPU WARS from concept to reality was marked by challenges, creativity, and ultimately, triumph. Through strategic planning, meticulous execution, and unwavering dedication, the team overcame obstacles to create a compelling gaming experience that resonated with its target audience. The success of CPU WARS not only validated the vision of its creators but also underscored the power of crowdfunding, community engagement, and media recognition in bringing niche products to market. As CPU WARS continues to grow and evolve, its legacy as a beloved game for geeks stands as a testament to the passion and ingenuity of its creators and supporters alike.

© 2024 Helen Amygdalaki. All Rights Reserved.

© 2024 Helen Amygdalaki. All Rights Reserved.

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