Case Study: Good Fermentation

Good Fermentation is a UK based microbrewery specialising in crafting premium kombucha.

As a brand designer, I had the privilege of teaming up with Good Fermentation to revamp their logo, packaging, and overall brand image.

From orchestrating a photoshoot for their products to designing their online store and optimising their market stall experience, this case study unveils the journey of transforming Good Fermentation's brand.

This case study explores the creative process, challenges encountered, and the successful outcomes achieved in revitalising Good Fermentation's brand.

The Challenge

Good Fermentation approached me seeking a brand refresh to better reflect their values of quality, sustainability, and local provenance. They needed a cohesive brand identity that would differentiate them in the competitive kombucha market while resonating with their target audience.

The Solution

1. Logo Redesign

The redesign process started with a thorough exploration of Good Fermentation's essence and values. A modern and versatile typography choice enhanced legibility and sophistication.

2. Branding Refresh

Building upon the new logo, I developed a comprehensive branding strategy that extended across all aspects of Good Fermentation's visual identity. Consistent colour palettes, typography, and graphic elements were curated to convey a sense of authenticity and premium quality, reflecting the brand's ethos.

3. Packaging Design

To elevate shelf appeal and communicate the brand's premium positioning, I devised a striking packaging design concept. Clean, minimalist layouts were adorned with vibrant colours evoking a sense of freshness and vitality. Sustainable materials were prioritised to align with Good Fermentation's eco-conscious values.

4. Photoshoot for Online Shop

Good Fermentation's commitment to quality and craftsmanship was visually translated through a meticulously planned studio product photoshoot, tailored specifically for their online shop.

Within the controlled environment of the studio, each product was meticulously styled and photographed to highlight its unique features and qualities. By showcasing the products in a studio setting, Good Fermentation was able to convey a sense of professionalism and quality, enhancing the overall appeal of their online shop and reinforcing their brand's commitment to excellence.

5. Online Shop

The online shop was designed to enhance user experience and showcase Good Fermentation's offerings effectively. A clean and intuitive interface was designed, featuring high-quality product imagery, detailed descriptions, and seamless navigation. E-commerce best practices were implemented to streamline the purchasing process and encourage conversion.

6. Poster Design

Designing posters for Good Fermentation's market stall involved creating visually impactful designs in a smaller format to effectively promote their products and values.

From highlighting the variety of kombucha flavours to emphasising the brand's commitment to natural ingredients and sustainability, each poster served as a powerful marketing tool to attract customers and drive engagement at the market stall.

7. Market Stall Customer Experience

A holistic approach was taken to enhance the customer experience at Good Fermentation's market stall. From cohesive branding elements to friendly and knowledgeable staff, every detail was curated to create a welcoming and memorable experience for visitors. Tasting samples, interactive displays, and educational materials further engaged and educated customers about the brand and its products.

The Results

The redesign yielded significant outcomes for Good Fermentation:

Elevated Brand Perception

The cohesive brand identity and premium packaging elevated Good Fermentation's image, positioning it as a standout player in the kombucha market.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

The online shop, captivating visuals, and engaging market stall experience fostered deeper connections with customers, driving increased engagement and loyalty.

Expanded Market Reach

The refreshed brand identity and strategic marketing initiatives facilitated entry into new markets and attracted a broader audience of health-conscious consumers.

Because of the packaging design, Good Fermentation successfully secured placement in retail shops, expanding its reach and visibility in the market. The cohesive branding and premium aesthetic conveyed by the packaging communicated quality and professionalism, instilling confidence in retailers about the brand's offerings.

Positive Feedback

Customers responded positively to the brand's new look and messaging, praising its authenticity, quality, and commitment to sustainability.


The teamwork to redo everything about Good Fermentation – the logo, packaging, online store – totally paid off. They're now a big deal in the kombucha world because they made sure every little detail screamed quality, sustainability, and realness.

This case study shows how giving a brand a full makeover can totally help. We really nailed what Good Fermentation is all about and who they're talking to. People started paying more attention, coming back for more, and spreading the word.

They've also started winning awards like the Surrey Hills Trade Mark and getting a bursary for the Great Taste Awards. Proof that they have a high-quality product with branding that reflects that.

None of this would've happened without the client being all in, trusting the process, and saying yes to ideas that really clicked. Teamwork and trust – that's what made Good Fermentation's makeover such a success story.

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